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The announcement of putting the beloved messenger at rest had come earlier in June, and it has been finally plugged off.
Unfortunately, this last bit is available only to users in the.S., France, Germany, Spain and Singapore.
It is currently in its beta stage of development so there's no word yet on when it's going official.What makes the app really interesting is the ability to establish a video call between an iPhone and an Android device (provided it has a front-facing camera) or between an iPhone and.The new version of Yahoo Messenger enables users to make video calls and stream live video one-to-one over 3G or Wi-Fi.Why is it that whenever someone asks for adult conversation, people immediately think it has to be about sex?Isps have a responsibility to the community, and it's good yahoo!Yahoo condemns abuse of Internet tools and services for illegal activities.".Spokesperson, we began implementing the changes to yahoo!Granted, you can find a lot of childish topics ( I definitely like childish and immature stuff too, dont get me wrong.Sex is an adult activity, yes.The good old Yahoo Messenger was finally plugged off today.but sometimes people just need or want to talk about mature things).
Every person would be assigned a Yahoo.
"We were notified back in April by the Houston TV station that our ads were associated with these chat rooms.
Yahoo has shut down its user-created chat rooms after a TV station reported that some of them were being used by adults to promote sex with minors.Gather Online as my no1 go to place teen chatrum avenue for such conversations.Chat user rooms in the past week.The progression for Yahoo in this highly competitive app market has not been too well.I hope the other shoe falls on the twisted individuals who were making the solicitations.