Despite popular belief, Diablo and it's off spring, diablo 2 are barely, roleplaying games.
A significant amount of RPers roleplay a character from the favorite book/TV show/movie/whathaveyou (.Roleplaying is difficult to define exactly, except for the obvious "Roleplaying is when you're playing a role." More specifically, it's where you take up a character and play out the situation gratis multi person voice chat how you think that character would act.Occasionally, Roleplaying is mixed in with the act of cyber.Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.87 views, vampire RP gratis chat med babes Vampire RP characters back to top post a comment add a reference: Search for a book to add a reference add: link cover.Naturally, none of this is true, at least not about roleplayers as a whole.Basically, any game that puts you in the shoes of another character, gives you a world to explore, and causes the players to make 'life' changing decisions.2: Done on message boards, people make their own character and play them (more or less) in a set of rules laid down by forum moderators (once again, more or less).
Larp and chatroom RP haven't seen as much grief from the media due to the obscurity of larping and the fact that there are many, many better things to complain about on the internet than.
3: Where two people play different roles in a sexually suggestive manner.The addition of props, or cameras are occasionally used.Not all roleplayers choose to take part in all three, although some definitely.As mentioned before, RP has gotten a really bad reputation in the media, particularly.Journal Roleplay in particular revolves around this but many still come up with completely original characters to use.Of course, to RP, one needs to act as a character.With such a broad definition as simply "playing a role there are a myriad of forms in which.Think "improvised acting" and you'll have a pretty good idea of what roleplaying actually.

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RP Made Simple is a very good resource for information about roleplaying).
It's also been compared to playing "pretend" with your best friend when you were little, except for, well, grown-ups.