Real Talk launches at a critical time: 37 states do not require medically accurate sex education in schools, and the.S.
Watch Real Talk Videos of people having calm, informative conversations about dating, love, relationships, and sex.
What message are we sending by waiting until a problem arises before talking to people with cognitive disabilities about sexuality?
September 26, 2017 (Chapel Hill,.C.) Today.Teens feel most comfortable learning about sexual health in a private setting - like their phones - and feel better when they know others are going through the same situations.Years of research and hundreds of interviews with middle schoolers informed their strategy.People can talk about hopes and dreams, cam-sex lange distsnce spice op problems that are happening, successes theyve had.Real Talks educational, youth-derived stories are reviewed by public health professionals before publishing, and are presented as text message conversations in the app.Watch Videos, get Comfortable talking about dating, love, relationships, and sex at our events.When you feel more comfortable talking about this stuff, it works best if someone else in your life also pige på pige live sex cam til gratis reel bi-sex parter feels more comfortable talking about this stuff.What if it was framed as a celebration?With 400,000 in philanthropic seed funding, Real Talk launches the first ever app for improved middle school sex education through text message-based storytelling.Its a big conversation and its happening everywhere!Real Talk presents sex education in a way that resonates with middle-school students, by meeting them on their phones and showing them they are not alone.
A celebration of the sexuality of adults with cognitive disabilities.
Is a 501(c 3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving youth health education through technology.
Often the subject of sexuality is taught in a classroom like math.Was founded in 2016 by Liz Chen, Cristina Leos, and Vichi Jagannathan, in efforts to increase access to sex education in low-income and rural communities.Real Talk, a mobile app that provides critical sexual health information to middle schoolers through real stories by real teens, launches in Beta on iOS.As an 8th grade student at kipp Gaston College Prep in Gaston, North Carolina, Demonte Edwards said, Some people really dont have the confidence to talk to your parents about.Thats how the conversations start to happen!This can help you feel braver and more relaxed about bringing up a topic which might be embarrassing but is necessary to talk about.The organization is based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.Attend events, get Better Support, real Talk also helps supporters like your family and your staff get more comfortable talking about dating, love, relationships, and sex.Users can support others in the app through emoji reactions, search for topics relevant to them, and access links to high quality sexual health resources online if they want to learn more.

Real Talk delivers crowdsourced stories about healthy relationships, puberty, and sexual health in a revolutionary format: text message conversations.