Not OK: Putting the typo3 logo on your product packaging without referring to the website.
Not OK: A typo3 fork called "A Non-Sucky Version of typo3".2) Without Giving the Appearance of Being Official.Then you are in the right place.3) For a User Group, Camp, or Meetup.Mit einem Abonnement der kma an Ihrer Institution sind Sie bzw.5) When Describing Your Services When you use a typo3 trademarks to describe your product or services without implying any kind of official link to the typo3 Association or the typo3 open source project in general.
Requires Permission: A book titled "The Official typo3 Guide".
Requires Permission: A commercial website called "m".You use a typo3 trademark exclusively to extend or improve the typo3 software, or to encourage the use of the typo3 software (in short: to promote the typo3 software).Explicit permission desi tante sex chat to use the trademark is not required when a project meets the following criteria: 1) Exclusively Promoting the typo3 Software.OK: Putting the typo3 logo on your product packaging.OK: A freely distributed typo3 theme called "Gold Plated typo3".Not OK: Referring to yourself as The typo3 Consultant.In some special cases, we will grant automatic permission for a project to use a typo3 trademark.