Most of the links are to non-Christian chatrooms, including Buddhist, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Wiccan, Atheist, Agnostic, and others, as well as general religion and philosophy sites.
Ghen Hindu and India Chat -A Global Hindu Electronic Networks website.
Type: /unignore username without"s, as before to reverse this.Where can I learn the commands?Does the evidence point to God or away from Him?Krishna Chat - International Society for gratis læge råd online chat uk Krishna Consciousness.Islam Live Cabin Chat -A chat room for discussion of Islam.Read more, did Jesus Exist?Latter-day Saints Chat -An m site for talk about Latter-day Saints.Chabad Chat -A Jewish Worldwide chatroom.
Atheism Chat Room - An m chat room on Atheism and Agnosticism.
TO join rooms: god romantisk real sex scene film type /join #roomname.Hindu Chat - Discuss the Hindu religion with others here.I am not responsible for the mindset behind the sites listed, nor the content of the discussions gratis telefon sex chats you will find there.Philosophy m -Your place to wax philosophical on the Net.The Atheist Network Chat -An IRC chat site to discuss atheism.

Jewish Communnity Online Chat - An AOL site with scheduled chats.